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We make the time go by fast. With so many Special activities we help not only glow in our faith but also in our fellowship, Check out some of our Weekly, Monthly, and Annually Activities

We Have Many Out Reaching Activities Check Them Out and Come Join US

This is just a few, Please check the Calendar for dates and times 


Family Fun Day

Once a year we are planning on having this great Community out reach, with Free Food, Free Drinks, Free Raffle, Free Games, Free Prizes, and to share our Faith in Jesus Crist 


Fellowship Meals

We have Many Time's a year Amazing Fellowship Meals. Each Meal has Themes and sometimes prizes and, but best of all is awesome time friends and filmily that share in faith of Jesus Crist


Rail Riders Game

It's A great past time, We try every Year to have a Fellowship at our Local Baseball Team "Rail Riders" It's a good time with our Church Family


Knoebles Trip

Our Annual  Knoebels trip is tons of fun. If its posable at the time we offer half off for ticket packs. Its a cool time with great people, come join us...

Movie Night

Our Church picks great movies to watch right here in our church. We also go out to the theaters. Its one of our many fellowship...

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